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For your business to truly take off, you need to lay the groundwork to scale profitably by carefully designing the next stages of your business.  Otherwise, all decisions that you are making are going to be ad hoc and not working together as a system. Planning for your business growth cohesively allows you to make sure that each and every decision and change supports and re-enforces the rest.

We have seen what it’s like when organizations don’t actively manage how they grow.  We have experienced first-hand what it’s like to work with organizational systems that have just been cobbled together without much consideration for how to make the overall organization work.  It’s painful for the teams and wasteful in terms of resources.  This is why we are firm believers in purposefully designing the next stages of your business in order to achieve business excellence.

Through decades of coaching and consulting in large organizations, we have identified the 6 pillars of business excellence success.  Regardless of what type of engagement you land on, we will explore the building blocks of these pillars and discuss practical applications tailored to your unique context.




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You’ve heard of “start with why,” right? It’s important because employees and customers tend to remain loyal to brands who espouse similar values to their own. Not to mention that when you know who you are and what you are trying to achieve, it gives you and your employees a blueprint for making future decisions about the organization.

Some of the challenges we will resolve are:

  • What is your business purpose beyond making money?  That is, what is the balance between economic, social and environmental benefit you need to strike?
  • Do you know who your customers are and what problems they want solved?
  • How will you align your actions and results with your purpose
  • What systems are you going to put in place in order to ensure that your purpose is embedded in everything you do?
  • How will you foster a culture that supports your purpose while helping you achieve business goals?

We strongly believe that honest relationships and ethical foundations are at the core of business success. Being positive and promoting openness in an organization will propel you towards meeting your goals.  Many believe that leadership is something you are born in; we believe in a growth mindset – that is, you can learn to be the best leader you possibly can be.

Some of the challenges we will resolve are:

  • What is your leadership style and how does it fit in with the type of organization you lead?
  • Are you caught up in a do-it-yourself vortex and reluctant to give up control?
  • How do you lead and grow yourself?
  • Are you losing sight of your purpose?
  • Are you open to new ways to work?

You may be an expert in your own area, but when growing a business, you can’t be a jack of all trades. You need to fire yourself from all those odd jobs you are trying to do  and focus on the things only you can achieve – driving the purpose and direction of your business. That means that you need to be very careful as to whom you hire, what you offer your employees to entice them to stay, and how you develop their skills and capabilities so that they can grow alongside you and your organization.

Some of the challenges we will resolve are:

  • Do you have access to all skillsets you require in order to manage the business? 
  • Is your hiring vs. outsourcing model optimal?
  • Are you fully leveraging your talent to unleash business growth?
  • Do you know who the potential leaders on your team are that can help you in profitably scaling your business?
  • Do you know how to help your employees grow personally and professionally?
  • Do you have the right talent acquisition and retention practices in place in order to avoid the costs associated with re-hiring?
  • How do you incentivize your employees to do their best work?
  • Do your employees live and breathe the culture of your organization?

Are your employees engaged?

This is a commonly misunderstood term, for a variety of reasons. Mostly, people seem to think that it is just charting where you want to get to but miss the how.   Did you develop a plan but didn’t plan to develop the internal capabilities you require to execute on it? Did you look at the next 3 years, assuming that your business environment will remain the same, rather than planning for different scenarios? These are common planning mistakes that we can help you avoid as you purposefully design the next stages of your business.

Some of the challenges we will resolve are:

  • Do you have a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, as well your business environment?
  • What are the strategic options for you to chart a growth trajectory for your business?
  • Do you need / have a clearly defined digital strategy?
  • How will you ensure you business remains relevant and sustainable as the years go by?
  • How will you ensure you are equipped to handle unforeseen circumstances?
  • What work needs to take place in order to put your strategy into practice?
  • How will you prioritize your investment to support your purpose and goals?
  • What business partners should you be setting up long-lasting relationships with?
  • Do you understand your revenue and cost drivers and have you embedded these in your strategic planning?
  • What capabilities do you need to develop in order to deliver on your plan?

We like to think of this as strategy execution. How will you operationalize the strategy you developed? You need to ensure that your internal processes support, and not hinder, your progress.  These also need to change as you grow, because a process that works for a team of 2 won’t work for a team of 10. 

Some of the challenges we will resolve are:

  • Have you set your objectives and key results well?
  • How will you make sure that your operational decisions support your purpose and strategy?
  • What are the right processes for the current stage of your business lifecycle?
  • If your current processes aren’t optimal, how can you transform and scale your business without drastically disrupting your operations?
  • How will you know you need to add / change processes as your business grows?
  • Are there any inefficiencies in your business and how can you manage them out?
  • Are your financial and operating plans based on sound assumptions?
  • Are your project / initiative delivery efforts optimized?
  • Do you have the right technology in place to manage your business and drive down costs?
  • Is innovation and product development in your company DNA?
  • Is continuous improvement at the core of your business?
  • Is your structure flexible enough to ensure you can respond to changing business conditions?
  • Are you effectively managing business risk?
  • Do you have solid implementation and change management capabilities?
  • Do you have a well-defined roadmap for your products or services?

How will you know whether you are on track to meet your annual and long term goals? Do you have in place mechanisms for early warning signs that something is not going according to plan? A lot of business owners focus on revenues, but there are a myriad of other drivers that you can monitor so that you can proactively adjust your course of action as conditions change.

Some of the challenges we will resolve are:

  • Do you have the right data to enable decision making?
  • What governance and metrics are right for your business goals?
  • What are your revenue and cost drivers and how do you manage them?
  • What other operational metrics are you tracking?
  • Do you have a feedback loop that highlights problems early?

It has never been easier to achieve business excellence.

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